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Time for some wine and mine.

There’s a spider on my roof making gross noises.

Soooo close to being able to sleep through the night1

Wine and mine is MOST DEFINITELY something I will be doing next time I get my paws on a bottle of wine. So catchy!

"I use my tears to soak my reed…"

Every oboe player ever (circa forever)

(via whyamiamusicmajor)

I made oboe reeds for three people who started learning oboe in a class today and when the last one got his reed he said, ‘what do I owe you?’ and I said, ‘lunch sometime’ & he seemed pretty happy with that. I’m so pleased with myself. I just got a date in exchange for a reed.

I can tell the strength of my love for someone by whether or not I’m okay with them interrupting a movie to kiss me. You’ve got to be pretty damn special to get away with that.

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